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Back issues

  • Four times the fun!  •  Rad girls of music, sport, art and STEM  •  Comics, debates, embarrassing moments, DIY craft projects, pets, problems and posters  •  Four jam-packed back issues
  • Issue 10

    Interview with inventor Macinley Butson  •  Top tips on how to fix things (not bin things)  •  Super-easy energy ball recipes  •  A comic about finding your groove  •  Plus lots more!
  • Issue 9

    Meet circus performer Kazuha Ikeda  •  Advice on making friendships last  •  Give climbing a go!  •  A short story about surprising discoveries  •  Plus lots more!
  • Issue 8

    Interview with BTN host Amelia Moseley  •  How to be an inventor  •  A heartwarming comic about making friends  •  Give ultimate frisbee a spin  •  Plus lots more!
  • Issue 7

    Meet champion swimmer Cate Campbell  •  How to get growing  •  'Skate away!', a quirky comic  •  Make a perfect pizza from scratch  •  Give parkour a go  •  Plus lots more!
  • Issue 6

    Interview with wildlife biologist Liz Bonnin  •  Adventures in creative writing  •  'Perfect Prue', a nailbiting short story  •  How to extract DNA from strawberries  •  Plus lots more!
  • Issue 5

    Meet robot inventor Marita Cheng  •  How to change the world in four simple steps  •  Short story by Susanne Gervay  •  Perfect perfumes and powders  •  Plus lots more!
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    Issue 4

    Interview with mischief maker Anna McNuff  •  A girl's guide to adventure  •  Story about bravery and magic by Alison Herft  •  Super-easy messy mug bakes  •  Plus lots more!
  • Issue 3

    Meet poet and author Kirli Saunders  •  Tips for challenging transitions at school  •  Short story by Deborah Abela  •  How to create your own one-page zine  •  Plus lots more!
  • Issue 2

    Interview with round-the-world sailor Jessica Watson  •  Best bedoom makeover  •  No-sweat, no-sew T-shirt tote bag  •  Get started with geocaching  •  Plus lots more!
  • Issue 1

    Meet dance legend Darcey Bussell  •  Seven secrets for a super sleepover  •  BMX biking with champ Saya Sakakibara  •  Rad girls who love making music  •  Plus lots more!